Below Ground Tornado Shelter Payment Options


$8,670 – Below Ground Shelter, Tax & Installation 

$4,335 – 50% Deposit Due at Time of Order. Final Payment Due upon Unit Being Set and Concrete Poured.

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This below ground Tornado Shelter is installed underground in your garage and is accessible when a vehicle is present. This shelter meets FEMA’s highest rating for Below Ground Tornado Shelters. Our shelter can withstand F5 winds and debris. It has been tested and approved by NSSA, Texas Tech Wind & Science Institute and third-party engineering groups.

  • 3 x 6 x 5
  • Fits 6-8 people
  • Manufactured and installed factory direct
  • Accessible with a car parked on top
  • Solid galvanized steel construction
  • Quick access door release and emergency exit aid (come along wench)
  • 360 degrees of ventilation
  • Concrete back-fill to ensure a strong foundation
  • Includes (3) removable steps once inside the shelter
  • Includes (2) 6′ benches on each side
  • 25 year warranty on galvanization
Optional Add-Ons 
  • Rock Solid Assurance Policy, $1,500 – This is an optional, but highly recommended add-on for below ground shelter installs. For a flat rate fee of $1,500.00, NSS will reasonably assume the efforts of removing any and all rock, hard substances or in the worst case…limestone. A concrete slab over 6” inches thick will be considered as rock and subject to additional charge if Rock Solid Assurance is not purchased. This is a non-refundable policy and must be paid at time of execution of a contract with deposit. Below is the cost outline if you do not purchase the Rock Solid Assurance Policy and we hit rock: Day 1 – $1,000, Day 2 – $2,250.00, Day 3 – $2,250.00, Day 4 – $2,250.00, Day 5 – $2,250.00| Max Charge = $10,000.00
  • Debris Haul Off, $575 – This is an optional add-on for below ground shelter installs. NSS will remove all debris from digging and haul it off for you.
  • Georgia Buggy, $450 – This is an optional add-on for below ground shelter installs. The Georgia Buggy should be purchased when it is necessary to keep a concrete truck off of a private driveway.


Project Acceptance
  • I accept and understand the following: my final balance is due upon the unit being set and before concrete is poured, my install location becomes a construction site, the NSS install team will complete a broom sweep cleanup, there might be light residue, dirt, etc. from the install.


Distance charges apply for all installs outside a 90 mile radius of downtown Nashville TN to all the units, below and above ground. View Distance Charge

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Tornado Shelters are installed underground in your garage and are accessible when a vehicle is present. Installations are included in the initial price and are always completed by insured installers. All Tornado Shelters are tested at Texas Tech, exceed the NSSA Standard and FEMA guidelines and are covered by a 25-year transferable warranty.