Frequently Asked Questions

Review our list of the most frequently asked questions about our

above ground safe rooms.

Q. How many people will the safe room hold?

A. There are 4 different sizes of safe rooms available depending on the number of adults, children and pets that you have. Our smallest option fits 2 adults and our largest options fits 8 adults.

Q. Is there room for my pets?

A. Yes! Depending on how many pets you have and their size will help you determine which size safe room works best for you.

Will my cell phone work inside the safe room?

A. Once your safe room is installed, we encourage you to test this to see what kind of service you have. The reception will depend on your cell phone carrier.

Q. How is the safe room ventilated?

A. Each safe room has FEMA required air ventilation that includes manufactured vents at the top of each safe room.

Q. How is the safe room bolted to the ground?

A. Our safe rooms use an expansion anchoring system with 2,200 lbs. of holding pressure per anchor for comfort and safety. 

Q. Can the safe room be installed in my back yard?

A. Yes, our safe rooms can be installed outdoors as long as they are on a concrete slab. Each outdoor safe room will need to have a specific exterior paint to protect it from different elements.

Q. Can I customize the paint color of my safe room?

A. Yes, we do allow for custom paint colors. We partner with Sherwin Williams and are able to use any of their paint colors on our above ground shelters. The cost is for custom paint is $350.

Q. Would I be trapped inside my shelter if debris is on the outside?

A. No, all of our safe room doors open inward so that you can exit safely even if there is debris.

Q. How does the door stay closed during a storm?

A. Each safe room door has (3) ¾” sliding dead bolts that keep the door shut during a storm.

Q. Can I wire my shelter for electricity?

A. Each safe room has a small opening on both ends so that you can run electricity to your shelter.

Q. How long does it take to complete installation?

A. We allow a 3-hour window for installation.

Q. Does the install leave a mess for us to clean up?

A. The install teams do an excellent job in keeping the work area clean and will be sure to leave the area better than they found it.

Q. Can my foundation be damaged during my install?

A. The install teams will not perform any action that would jeopardize the integrity of the foundation or structure.

Q. Is this shelter safe against severe storms and tornadoes?

A. Yes, all of our below ground shelters and safe rooms meet or exceed FEMA 320 Standard to withstand an F5 or greater tornados. It is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the ICC-500 Design Standard/NSSA criteria, and has been successfully tested at Texas Tech Wind Engineering Research Center.

Q. Are your safe rooms endorsed by FEMA and National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA)?

A. Yes, all of our below ground shelters and safe rooms have been TESTED and APPROVED by National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) Lubbock TX & Texas Tech University (TTU) to meet or exceed all of the NSSA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) “Standard” (FEMA 320/ICC 500). Our shelters have been tested by “Third Party” Engineering Group both in Texas and Alabama to meet and or exceed the same standard. Our shelters passed ALL testing on the first test with no reservations.